Eucharistic Adoration Testimony of Favors Granted

10/21/2010 Asked to become friends with ex-wife a year ago. We are now friends again and she came here with me tonight.
10/26/2010 Basketball metal post/hoop blown down by strong wind – landed behind, not on, van AMHGD.
11/18/2010 Archbishop Dolan beat out V.P. @ USCCB Thank you Jesus AMHGD.
11/22/2010 3yr old granddaughter told me she remembered when we went to church. Thank you Jesus AMHGD.
12/01/2010 Teachers and students released unharmed from hostage situation – Thank you Jesus – AMHGD.
12/15/2010 On Dec. 13, 2010, UW finally admitted their abortion plans @ 1 S. Park, and at any Madison UW Health location, were ended. This announcement came more than 7 months after it was discovered that the UW had abandoned their plans @ 1 S. Park. ”It has collapsed” God’s plans never collapse. Everything works out at the foot of the Cross with Mary. Thank you Jesus AMHGD.
02/21/2011 Turnaround @ ORdPP Minor girl’s driver agreed to go to Our Lady of Hope instead – driver did not know ORdPP kills babies. Thank you Jesus!
04/15/2011 allowing me to be a part of the sacred music at Fr. Rick’s request.
04/20/2011 Last night, God’s peace came over me – compassion with Truth this a.m. @ Mass – Jesus is the source of compassion AMHGD.
05/01/2011 For Granddaughters 1st Communion :) “Praise God” For Daughter to get my Grandmother to Religious Class & 1st Communion. For finding the True Mass Here on Sunday, 7:00 am Thank You!
05/02/2011 My doctor told me I will live, after years of fighting Stage IV breast cancer.
05/06/2011 Thank you God for the 2 wonderful priests ordained tonight for the Diocese of Madison! Also for Fr. Chad Droessler, Fr. John Putzer, Fr David Corrano, Fr. Greg Ihm.
05/06/2011 Thank you God for the gift of a home and the gift of a job so that I may do thy will and Reunite my family to Glorify your holy name.
05/07/2011 Father Jorge First Mass Thank You Jesus!
05/16/2011 alienated daughter attended our son’s graduation and seemed much more receptive to my love for her than her last appearance at family funeral – Thank You Jesus!
05/16/2011 Several abortion workers left their jobs as a result of 40 Days for Life Spring 2011 campaign. Thank You Jesus
05/24/2011 Thank you Lord for bringing my husband into the Catholic Church!!!
05/25/2011 May 24 300+ people + perfect weather. Bishop’s Dedication. Miracle of Life Rosary Garden.
06/01/2011 Thank You for solving our budget problems this month so ABUNDANTLY. Bless You Father – Son – Spirit. MrsB.
06/03/2011 Successful surgery, Praise to Jesus & Mary!
01/17/2013 Giving thanks for my brother Steven Banszak having been uplifted by the power of prayer during his hardship.
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