Chapel Update

The Perpetual Adoration Chapel has been renovated! Here are the recent updates:

4-20-11 The “Allegory on the Blessed Sacrament”, circa 1660 antique painting becomes the newest addition to the chapel. This beatiful piece of artwork now adorns the back of the chapel next to the statue of St. Joseph.
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1-6-11 NEW VIDEO: The Rededication of the Adoration Chapel was recorded by Memory Lane Video Productions. Watch the video
12-22-10 Bishop Morlino celebrated Mass the night of the Rededication of the Perpetual Adoration Chapel. Following Mass, all gathered in the new chapel for the Exposition and Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.
12-15-10 Check out our facebook page to stay in the loop with the Adoration Chapel events and renovation photos!
12-10-10 Come to theĀ “Open House” on December 11th and 12th and get a sneak peek of the chapel!
12-1-10 Progress has been made on the chapel floor, side wall insulation, electric wiring and drywall. The chapel is quickly taking on a new shape!
11-22-10 New security cameras have been installed around the parking lot to insure safety for late night adorers.
11-3-10 The renovation has begun! Perpetual Adoration has been temporarily moved to the Holy Redeemer library.
10-6-10 True Construction has surveyed the chapel and is ready to begin the renovation process on November 3rd.
9-9-10 The 3D-Rendering is here! The Chapel Renovation Premiere video unveils the new designs for the Perpetual Adoration Chapel.
9-3-10 Web site will be bilingual soon! Check back for Spanish version.
8-27-10 We’ve added new photos to the Photo Gallery! Take a look at the beautiful triptych carving!
8-16-10 Register for the Chapel Renovation Premiere!
7-21-10 The antique St. Joseph statue has been removed from the chapel and is being professionally restored.
7-07-10 Online scheduling for adoration hours is available! No better time than now to sign up!
6-29-10 PayPal contribution option has been added. Please consider making a donation to the chapel.
6-08-10 “History of Chapel” added to website. Check out the virtual scrapbook!
5-22-10 Received first images of the 3D rendering from the architect
5-11-10 Photos and information available on website. Check back for new updates!
5-04-10 Perpetual Adoration Chapel website under construction.
4-26-10 Discovered unblemished marble in the rubble of the old Cathedral. The marble will be incorporated in the altar of the new Adoration Chapel.
4-16-10 Chapel renovation plans commence. Floor plans are drawn.
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